InfoTour makes your Google Street View Trusted Virtual Tour Fully Interactive

I See You Online are proud to offer a service to enhance your Google Tour called Info Tour

Info Tour is an overlay feature for your existing Google Street View virtual tour which allows you to add a series of features turning your virtual tour into a much more interactive experience for the user.

It allows you the business owner to create up to date content and tailor your virtual tour for your target market by allowing you to add images, video, sound files and even turn your tour into a fully working online store. The best thing about our Info Tour service is that there are no hidden annual fees to worry about so once you have paid for your license and setup you are good to go.

Our Platinum Info Tour package comes with its very own CMS so you don’t have to rely on us changing the content. You simply login, edit, save and share with your audience.

Features Include

  • Advanced Navigation Menu enables users to jump to different areas instantly
  • Boundary Hotspots which display information when users look at certain objects and areas.
  • Dynamic Hotspots which when clicked display information including media content and more
  • Tour Analytics show how often and how long your tour is accessed.
  • Rotation is a feature that shows that your virtual tour is more than just a single still image.
  • Easy Publishing means you can publish your virtual tour to Facebook with a single click.
  • Tour Branding means your tour is consistant with all of your current marketing material.